4/11 MPD & City Council Review

I am president of the Metropolitan Park District. As such I actually do look over the financial reports.I did ask what one of the payments to a company I didn’t recognize was and it turned out to be doggie poop bays for our parks. That was the high point of the meeting. Otherwise we just looked over and approved the finances ,the billing vouchers and meeting minutes of previous sessions. In this case no news is good news , the meeting was finished.

We moved on to the main City Council meeting for the evening and there was a call to order, the rollcall ,the approval agenda and then we started the presentations. First it was the Normandy Park Parent Association preschool program and several people who represent them presented their findings. At this time they are proceeding with their plans to have their classes held at the church up the street for the time being until the future of a possible Recreation Center is decided. They still feel that at this time that they would like to be under the city umbrella. We really won’t know what will happen with this program in the future until the future has arrived. It will depend upon cost finances as has been discussed before and also whether or not a new recreationj Center is built. In spite of the enthusiasm of some young members who have children for a ,preschool program there is the bigger question and it does come up in public when I talk with people about it. That is simply ,why is the city involved with a preschool program at all question? After all there are private preschools in the area and one has to also ask why isn’t Highline School District running preschool programs?But that’s another question for another day ,for the time being the group and Normandy park parent association preschool program group will continue and will have their program and they are recruiting people and parents who are signing their kids up for this program, stay tune for further developments in the future.

Then we moved on the Title 10 amendments right away maintenance ordinance # 10 Now this amendment is something that should have under normal conditions been routine and passed under consent agenda and taken all of five minutes. Instead because of a few minor issues it has gone on for several readings and far, far ,far too much time discussing an issue of who is responsible for shoveling snow off of sidewalks. All the other aspects concerning sidewalks and right of way have been laid out clear and very concise. The only remaining issue seems to be if the city has plow trucks that pile of snow on some residents sidewalk who is responsible for clearing that snow. ? The maintenance Division wants the house owner to be responsible and some of the residents want the city to be responsible. I understand both points of view, my main concern which I brought up, was what about little old ladies and little old gentleman who don’t have the physical wherewithal to shovel that snow ? Can’t you just leave the snow there ? And the counterpoint argument was well if somebody has to walk around the snow in the street then the city will be held liable and maybe have to pay fines if someone is hurt. This is another case where our over litigious society is wasting our time from lawsuits and lawyers. Somehow we managed to get by Without problem for decades. But now because of all the legal eagles all too willing to Sue Cities we need to address this problem. Well after about 40 minutes more of a too long conversation on a simple item it was basically sent back to the maintenance department to work out the fine points and bring it back to the council at the next meeting with two or three options of how to proceed. We will see what happens then but this is a perfect case of where a minor issue takes up an absolutely inordinate amount of time of the council and I guess it just comes with the territory.

Then it was the public comment. And one or two members of the public repeated the same nonsensical claims about the rec center how we should keep it just as it is even though, it has been stated clearly on numerous occasions that it has been structurally condemned and cannot be used and it’s costing us a minimum of $60,000-$90,000 a year to sit there. Those people have heard this on numerous occasions and they just ignore it and continue with their own mantra emotional appeal to their past memories and ignore the facts of the present reality since they have been informed of this again and again and again I see no reason to listen to those concerns about the rec center keeping it as a building you cannot use. It’s déjà vu —-they’re not listening.

Next it was consent agenda. Just a couple of words about the consent agenda it was the earth core agreement for Nature Trails Park forest restoration . They have been working on this for a number of years removing invasive weeds and planting native plants. We will spend another $25,000 this summer for the Earth Corp.to continue working on that project .There is also the approval of the claims and payroll voucher summary nothing unusual there in the mini meeting minutes from April 13 ,k24 and 27 .

There was an agreement on the south county housing and homelessness partner ,the SKHHP interim agreement to administer funds to build housing that’s so-called affordable for the homeless in King County .Basically this is a program in my view with good intentions, to get homeless people off the streets and into a place where they can live. Of course if we didn’t have greedy landlords or corporations their wouldn’t be an “crisis”. So the citizens are basically taxed to subsidize the building of these Places and so the landlords can continue to charge exorbitant prices, nice deal for them.I remember reading an article about a year ago or maybe just before Covid when they did the homeless count for King County and there were at that time about 11,000 homeless people in King County.There also just happened to be another article in the paper that day noting the construction companies were building about 11,000 new units for Seattle and maybe that was King County as well. Of course those buildings those units would be for sale at market price. Now in a well run just society since homelessness has been declared an emergency the county authority should have just confiscated those 11,000 thousand new units and move the homeless into them first before worrying about new transplants from other states. Now the finances of such an act is for another day. :)However everyone knows that it is more expensive to keep people homeless on the streets and all the upkeep social services and police that they require than. to move them into some kind of decent housing. Of course the King County authority would never ever think of doing something that rational.But that’s another discussion. What This interim agreement means is, that Normandy Park gives this money to the county and lets them use that money to build facilities for the homeless in another area. The people here are more than happy to pay to have this built in other areas as long as it’s not Normandy Park . They won’t say that in polite society but that is what it really comes down to.

Other than the consent agenda we can move on to the report of the officers and there has been a real dearth of reporting by the various committees that the city Council members sit on so we are going to have a special meeting on that two weeks from now . For my part I sit on the metro solid waste advisory committee the MSWAC. They are talking about rate increases and building and expanding current solid waste garbage facilities in the northern part of the county we already have ours down here. Nothing exciting there.

I will say that in the big picture of things recycling in this county has been a waste , Pardon the pun. You have a one party dictatorship in King County for decades. A King County that claims to be progressive and environmental in the extreme ,yet over 30 years later we still cannot separate plastic bags and get them recycled ,they go straight into landfill trash. That is the epitome of failure. It really reflects the total failure of leader ship at the higher levels of the county and state. More on that later.

New business: there was a proclamation declaring May 15 is peace officers memorial day as part of national police week which the Mayor wrote and that was approved. In spite of the current arguments over policing I think one pertinent fact people should keep in mind is there are over 900,000 police officers in the country. I’m surprised we don’t have more issues.

It’s ordinance # 1018 land use: members regarding signs was presented by our community development Director and it was concise short and well written and approved.

Ordinance # 1025 the land use code amendments regarding rooftop decks and single-family zones was an item that was brought forward by citizens who live here In Normandy Park and they want to have rooftop decks .I should say it’s better to be ahead of the curve than have no rules and regulations and then have problems legally so this was written up by the community development director, everybody thought it was a good idea and it was approved.

It’s Ordinance #1027 amendment to Normandy Park municipal code 7.90 was simply a legal adjustment requested by our legal authorities to clean up some Termanology in that ordinance that was done ,discussed ,approved.

The 2021 overlay project award was discussed shortly and this is for engineering and culverts to improve the water flows so we don’t have flooding in a couple of areas off of Miller ,Walker Creek and these are items that are very expensive but partially or largely financed by the state and I believe maybe the federal government .They are important necessary things that need to be done especially before we do some repaving of some of these roads and the cables are put in at the same time so that was just the maintenance department giving us the lowdown on all of that and it was approved.

A letter in support of the port of Seattle aircraft noise home reinstallation pilot project was presented by the mayor and that is a letter to go to our state senators and that was approved .

Just one very very short comment on the port of Seattle and these home installations ,if anyone thinks that insulating your house so you don’t hear anything outside is a good idea and everything will be just fine, let me know. This means that even if you don’t hear the jets overhead around the clock from the airport you still are getting all of the pollution from the air ,all of the deadly consequences of that jet pollution and you are now prisoners in your own house . You can’t lay out in your backyard and have a nice picnic or some quiet time looking at the trees or the flowers because you’ll be driven crazy by the noise so these remediation programs are just a stopgap measure They do not answer any serious steps forward and this is all you can expect from your big-time senators and council members of the King County type They will give you Band-Aids solutions ,nickel and dime answers but nothing substantial and the substantial we need is HYPERLOOP. Since you cannot take on the port of Seattle ,since they are owned by the big corporate giants like Delta and Alaska and run by them and their friends in the FAA and the port of Seattle the best we can do is promote Hyperloop . If you don’t know what hyperloop is then please check it out on the Internet. You can also go to hyperloopnw.org and see just what it implies ,I urge you to do that.

We scheduled a city Council workshop for May 25, on Committee reporting. We have not been doing this for the past year or more which is how to slack your city Council has been.

Lastly at that point the meeting ended and we went into executive session and the purpose of the executive session was to evaluate the qualifications of the person to be hired for city manager their background checks and to discuss the contract issues etc. and I cannot get into the details of that legally apparently. I’m probably on thin ground even saying this. After the person is hired perhaps we can talk more about that but it’s pretty Mundane things actually. Thank you for bearing with us for the short report and I hope you can see how routine many of our meetings are :they are necessary paperwork, necessary bureaucratic things that must be approved.

Now for those of you who drink it’s probably miller time but since I don’t I think it’s time for a long cool root beer ——-🖖until next time bye-bye.

4/13 /21 City Council review

Well there was the usual consent agenda items like : community Recycling grant received for hazardous waste , Planning Commission reappointment, minutes approval and claims check approval.

Then we went to Continued Business . That included adding Ordinance #1021 regarding abuse off the 911 Emergency Call System. The Chief of Police requested this. Apparently they have had a problem with someone calling repeatedly over the SAME issue that has already been addressed. It became a form of harassment and tied up lines for legitimate calls. The city had no laws against this. Thus a law and fine are now in place. Whoever was doing this is either mentally imbalanced or if it were another jurisdiction perhaps it would be an act of political harassment. In N.P. I suspect the former. Either way the motion quickly passed.

Ordinance #1022 regarding clarifying regulations for Peddlers had a second reading and moved along.

Ordinance # 1024 Stormwater Coordinator position was added within the Public Works Dept. and had its second reading…The purpose of this was to give the person responsible for the stormwater work a bump in their pay and they have earned it . Stormwater issues or a surprisingly expensive and common and repetitive issue for cities and that includes Normandy’s Park .Next!

Ordinance # 1023 Title 10 Right of away Maintenace Code appeared at first to be routine…but then as sometimes happens -‘Things get sticky. The public works department head explained what it was about and then it became clear that the public did not all agree on the details or Who should be responsible for what sort of maintenance regarding sidewalks. The end result of a rather long and frankly confusing conversation was that the department head will give us a further explanation, clarification, and presentation about this issue next city council meeting. I’m not sure what to make of all this ordinance number 1023 so, I will withhold further comment until after the presentation.

New Business:

There was an Autism Awareness proclamation by the mayor that was passed. There were also selections made to serve on the city manager interview panel. There was an update on the school year preschool fees and what that group of citizens is doing at this time . This will be ongoing. There also was a proposed parking code revision ordinance number # 1026 that the police department wanted and that was passed as well.

So all in all it was a very short and businesslike meeting and the real issue is we will be focused on hiring a new city manager. We adjourned and that was all there was for this city Council meeting just the usual boring but necessary items that need to be taken care of.

3-9-2021 City Council Recap

The city council meeting was largely a routine voting to approve a short consent agenda. It included ordinances regarding peddlers and people who incessantly call the 911 dispatch over and over to the point that legitimate 911 calls are hindered. The city did not have any laws or regulations on the books for these issues. It is a sign of the times that we need such laws now.

Then there was public comment and most of the evening was spent listening to a petition that was signed by over 200 people demanding to keep the recreation center. It was initiated by a Taekwondo teacher who has had nearly free rent of city rec facilities for years. The meeting concluded … and then…

The mayor and I arraigned to meet him and his supporter for coffee. The mayor was glad I came because the man is a classic bully and she felt somewhat intimidated. He immediately made several untrue confrontational accusations ,which we denied , and then demanded what we were going to do about it?

Be that as it may, I told him I had called a few people people who had signed the petition. I asked them :

  1. Did The martial arts teacher tell you that the city had had a structural engineering safety analysis done and they found the building is very unsafe and dangerous ? They said no he hadn’t mentioned that.
  2. Did he tell you engineering had determined it would cost over $ 1.5 million just to repair the facility so it could be used for a few more years and that even then only approximately 65 % of the building could be used during that limited time period ? They said No.
  3. Did he tell you I had asked the cities legal council during a public meeting if parents could legally sign a paper to wave their liability rights to sue the city if an earthquake or other catastrophic accident happened and that counsel had absolutely not ? They said No .
  4. This business man instructor also said the city had no plan at all to replace the rec center in the future. That was an obvious lie as the city just finished paying. $ 160,000 for an architectural design for a potential city hall complex that included a potential recreation center.
  5. When confronted with this I asked him if he had listened to any city council meetings over the last four months? He said “NO”! So he mislead a couple hundred people to sign a petition , in order to try to force the city council to reverse course immediately , disregard the law and SAFETY of children and adults , so as to protect his honey pot money stream. He also ignored the fact that the city spends $60,000- 90,000 dollars a year just to maintain a building we cannot safely use, money we could be saving. All the while he was presenting the city council as callous , thoughtless bureaucrats.
  6. After being presented with this information he suddenly shoved his chair back ,stood up, bent over the coffee table and got in the mayors face and glowered down at her and raised his voice to her. At this point I had had enough of his bully boy intimidation tactics against the mayor and I told him he was welcome to leave! His supporter told him to calm down and sit down at which point he complied and he never looked at me again during the meeting.
  7. At the end of the meeting I made a point of shaking hands with him and said thanks for coming today. Oddly enough he did not offer me the same courtesy.

Protecting Normandy Park by Engaging the World.

( N.P. To Do List )

ART : 1. Design manhole covers with geocaching capability .

2.Resident Artist for Sister City. -(refurbish the city owned Heath Property on Marine View Drive bluff ).

3. Place Frank Lloyd Wright House historical marker.

4. Adopt city color, bird, insect ( and possibly invasive weed .

5. Asian style foot wash viewing Pavilion at Marine View Park.

6. Nature Trail instillation of Bronze Busts of eminent ecologists and Native American Totem Pole

Police Department:

  1. Increase non- lethal weapons: Bolo Wrap and tear gas.
  2. Explore hiring a crisis intervention specialist/ social worker / psychologist to accompany police on homeless calls. Done jointly with Burien and Des Moines.
  3. New Tesla Police Cars to decrease Carbon imprint and increase NPPD moral and Branding.
  4. 24 hour cameras for key city entrance / exit points


1.Term Limits ( x2 ) for all city council members

2. Enact regulation to forbid any city contract for council members and their close family members , or staff until after 5 years of leaving office.

Parks and Recreation & MPD:

  1. Increase speed of removal of invasive weeds from the parks which still have them per the Pros plan.
  2. Separate the Metropolitan Parks District ( MPD ), from the city council. Make the MPD an elected position to :
  3. a. Encourage citizens who have more time and energy to be involved with P & R .
    1. b. Keep city hall from being tempted to use MPD tax $$$ for other purposes.
  4. Support Piano Keys parcel acquisition for Water Trails Parks project.
  5. Add Hidden Valley parcels (through grants ), to Water Trails Park project
  6. Solicit architectural students with cash prizes to participate in designs for these projects.
  7. Increase joint endeavors between Parks and Arts Commission.

Community Development:

  1. promote universal IT hook up to implementDirect Democracy in Normandy Park . Controversial issues could be voted on by the entire public if every legal residence was guaranteed hooked up to city hall.
    1. A. This is also a public safety measure for catastrophic events.
    2. Guaranteed hook up can also give parents the choice to either have there kids attend school in person or do hybrid schooling or home schooling. It’s win / win for all parents.
    3. change new building codes to reflect the highest Platium LEED standards. This is excellent Branding for our city and will increase property values and attract high tech start ups to locate here in Normandy Park.
    4. Promote underground parking in new multi family units or condos that may be built up along 1st Ave. This reduces car blight and increases property values.
    5. Remove telephone poles. Yes it cost $$$ but ,the pay back is public safety when heavy storms come and take out power for days
      1. a.It also increases property values and is part of branding.
    6. Hire a part time Enforcement Officer .
    7. Build 8 ft sidewalks on blind uphill curves so bikes don’t have to slow down cars to a crawl or cause them to go around them on a blind curve.
    8. Grid Independence promotion is the big picture here. The more independent we are in all areas from large institutions the better off we are and the better we can confront any calamities. Got time ? Look at the 2021 IECC Zero Code Renewable Energy Appendix . 🙂

That’s It Folks !………………for now ……

2/9/21 city council meeting

There was an agreement to continue advertising at SeaTac airport on a diorama. The airport gives us that “free” , ( other than your taxes paying for it). Of course the idea that we pay taxes to the Port of Seattle in the first place is absurd. We are one of the few cities in the USA who pay taxes to a port authority. Usually it is the other way around. After all they makes Millions $$$ in profit for private businesses like airlines and shipping companies. As for the diorama, if any of you meet a person ,who flew across the country ,to come to Seattle and saw it at the airport ….and said, “gee” forget all the other reasons ( fill in the X), Let’s go to Normandy Park …let me know 🙂 ! Next!

Routine items included approval of a WRIA -9 (watershed), investigation interlocal agreement. This study is to determine how much water can be pumped from private wells so as not to affect the Green River. Done …next.

Lastly , as hashed out at our previous workshop on the proposed new city center, we did vote with only one member opposed to demolish the old recreation building . As noted before this will save at least $50-60 grand a year on maintenance alone. It would have cost $ 1.5 million to actually partially renovate it. Done…you see a short report.

1/26/2021 Potential New City Hall Workshop


The city hall ,police depart and recreation center have been a topic of discussion since before I was elected to city hall. The buildings were originally purchased from Highline School District for $1.oo dollar many years ago.

The argument for building a new city hall complex is that as the years go buy the maintenance increases every year. One estimate was that it would cost a million $$$ to main the buildings over a 10-15 year period. Give or take a $100,000 a year. So why throw good money after bad on an aging building, so goes the reasoning.

The city manager had an engineering assessment done and the recreation building clearly did not meet earthquake seismic safety standards. Frankly, it was before my tenure so I don’t know if he was authorized to have that report done or that he just did it on his own. Either way, it became a public fact and the rush was on to build a new city hall complex

.The previous city council approved the engineering plan for a new city hall to be done . They said they needed it to raise $$$ from the Uber wealthy in Normandy Park. Mind you ,not some simple drawings for viewing but a full blown engineering layout at the cost of over $160,000 . Whoo…wait a minute all we needed was a little schematic. The city manager assured us that this was how it is done for the big boys and girls with deep pockets !

I said in Public testimony that spending that much money was not called for when the city hadn’t even decided wether it needed to proceed with building a complete new city civic center or not . I wasn’t on city council at that time. I was on the Planning Commission.

Well that city council voted for it. I saw it as a waste of money just like the Manhattan Village Plan ,that the State and city chipped in for , years ago. Oh , we won an award…but what actually changed as a result of the money paid to Miller -Hull again?… Nothing ……. because the OWNERS of the property were not interested.

Eventually the city council had spent $120,000 on two thirds of the Civic Center plan and apparently they needed additional changes or to “complete” the plan , so Miller -Hull needed another $40,000. By this time l was on city Council and I was the only person who voted No to continue the process for several reasons I will explain now.

#1. We live in the Coronavirus Era. The only thing keeping millions of people and the economy afloat is trillion dollar bailouts. That cannot go on indefinitely without creating a Weimar Republic or Zimbabwe with astronomical inflation. IF we have another economic collapse like 2008 or worse , we could be forced to disincorporate our city because of property valuation declines . We would not be able to pay for our self induced tens of millions of debt.

Does anyone think we would be better served by King County Police with their budget cuts and hindered enforcement of laws ? How about King County services with their coming budget cuts? LOL! Roads being paved in a timely manner ? I doubt it. I simply will not put our city financial security into jeopardy for a building we can save money for later.

I have been on the Financial advisory group for several years. We will pay off our last city bonds in December of 2022. We will then have the highest bond rating AAA and thus borrow money at the lowest rate possible, if we choose to. I’ve told my fellow council members I don’t think we should even be talking about this dangerous fiasco until our debts are paid. Now there is a novel old school idea…pay your debts off and save money for down the road!

#2. The proposed location is wrong. The Normandy Park Police Department does the vast majority of their work up on 1st Ave., as one would expect. It is much more rational to have a police department building up on 1st Ave where most of the crime occurs. This would increase the sense of security across the board for all Normandy Park residents. This seems like a no brainer to me.

#3. As for a Recreation Center that’s a bit more complex. We need to ask ourselves what do we need a Recreation Center for now and in the future ?

The problem here is we really don’t have data , especially around youth. After all we are not building a facility just for today’s older folks. What do young people want …if anything at all ? Will they even utilize a recreation room? Most of the kids I talk to would rather stay home and play video games . Their social activities circle around the internet like gaming rooms- not hanging out in a rec room. Do we need a big building for the few social groups like card players? Could we not just rent one of the multiple empty store fronts up on centrally located 1st Ave?

What about preschool classes? This has always bugged me. Why aren’t preschool classes offered at Mar Vista? I’m frankly tired of Highline School District being inflexible on this issue. We pay their staff with our taxes. What about classes like dancing and karate etc? Well once again there are plenty of spaces in empty store fronts up on 1st Ave. Burien has these sort of activities too but they are private businesses that rent their own storefronts.

Should the city be competing with private businesses- giving essentially free rent at a city hall to private businesses that rake in the money? We have Baseball fields and soccer fields we rent. As for basketball we could build an outdoor court or once again why not Have it at Mar Vista ? We could work with an open minded HSD on that issue.

The point of all this ramble is 1. Do we even need or want a traditional recreation center? 2. Do we have real data indicating what the population of today and tomorrow want? 3. Why can’t we move some of these activities up to centrally located 1st Ave and thus provide better suited and more flexible services that are less expensive ? We really haven’t even explored our options here in Normandy Park , let alone joint operations with our close neighboring sister cities.

#4. Let’s move on to a new city hall. We are rapidly moving into the Digital Age of society and that includes government services. Our main city hall has been largely deserted for a year as most of the departments employees work at home. Many of them like this arraignment . It saves them travel time , $$$ on gas and decreases our carbon footprint a bit too. Many cities are looking at making these arraignments permanent .As we move into the Digital Era we should be looking at this too. Even if we decide to keep a permanent office Versus a flexible meeting room, is the current location the best location? I’m thinking there are better choices..like once again ,up on easy access 1st. Ave. There are lots of empty store fronts that have never been occupied. We could buy them or rent them.

That leaves the main city hall council building. A few thoughts on aesthetics. There is a lot of talk in the Economic Development Committee (EDC), about city Branding. Oh ,Branding, branding branding….They talk the talk but do they walk the walk with bold or meaningful concepts and ideas? Branding IS important. My dad always told me ,” if you are going to do something, then do it right”. I agree.

The plan that was presented to us as if it were a fait accompli. The city manager assured us there would be no need to raise taxes …lol! The watered down bare bones plan was the equivalent of a bait and switch car deal…oh you want tires too? Other council members who work in building also confirmed the cost estimate needed to be doubled. Then mysteriously that initial plan at about $4-5 million was suddenly replaced with a more realistic plan running from $8-40 + million. At least in the second version / revision it was admitted that the residents would need to vote to approve the sale of bonds. That sounded much better to me. Let the people decide.

Now if we look at the plan itself. It has all the unique charm of a Big Mac. Not the architects fault. They were tasked with coming up with something that was so cheap the city wouldn’t need to have a bond vote – at least for the bare bones 4-5 million version.

It has the technology that will be outdated even before it would be built. I asked if it could run on solar power so as to keep city hall running in the advent of power lines being blown down. They said “no ” that would cost more money. I asked if it could have a rain garden collection system so city hall could be off line of the water district in case of emergency like an earthquake. Same answer. I pointed out that the Bullitt Building downtown was soooo efficient it MADE Money. Why ? How? Their system takes all the water and poop from their bathrooms and literally recycles it into compost ON SITE and then they sell it ! That building is completely off the gird, is much more ecologically sustainable, catastrophe proof and just happens to meet and exceed the future planning codes of King County. It also makes a Branding statement that would attract small high tech start- ups to Normandy Park . It would put us on the map as cutting edge Deep Green NP . It could be award winning like the Bullitt Center. Does it cost more ? Probably in the short run but in the long run no. You can read The Bullitt Center Financial Case Study for details.

This is how we brand our city and attract the kind of businesses and people we want here. As I’ve said, we need to pay our bonds off FIRST. Then save money and do it right.

Lastly there is the question of location. Well ,you could do this right where it is or up on 1st Ave. No problem with that. However just humor me and let’s think outside the box a little while. Bear with me here… :).

While canvassing I went to every single residence in Normandy Park..no kidding …I did. I stumbled upon a place I’d never been before in NP. It’s called Hidden Valley and there was a parcel for sale that included about 25 acres, if I remember right. A beautifully Manson ,a lovely barn, a pond with wetlands and of course beach front. Maybe just maybe , that Manson could be transformed into the new city hall and the barn into a abode for art or , card games , or dance practice room or even a rental for ??? The beach could extend the area for kayaking the Water Trails Association wants for Puget Sound kayakers. The possibilities are nearly endless AND by having a city hall at that location we would protect that area from becoming some ugly mass apartment condo monstrosity like Alki Beach , in the future.

Yes I know there are many reasons all this might not be possible or that naysayers will object to , like : where’s the $$$ ?, What about road access? Do they want to sell.? Well it was for sale a couple of years ago for about 25 $ million but they took it off the market when they had no takers…at least that is what I heard. The Mayor has told me she will give the owners a courtesy call since she apparently knows the owners. Road access could possibly be paid for by state grants because seafront access is highly desired by them and would protect valuable coastal shoreline. So yes , one really has to think outside the box and do due diligence. It takes time and energy but I think it is well worth the effort. It never hurts to ask and what an amazing city hall it would make ! It would be a Branding home run to put beautiful Normandy Park front and center around Wa State. Off grid , – ecologically sustainable- money making – and aesthetically amazing……. so…..


1. Pay off ALL our bond debts in Dec. 2022 and be Debt Free ! 2. Then start saving $$$ for new city facilities for several years, (unless some miracle big donations come our way).

3. Then by that time we can seriously look at ALL our options . 4. a new generation will be in a much better position to make decisions on what they will need .

5.We will have a lot of money saved up and we won’t be putting our city and children in a perilous financial position.

That’s my view of the big picture regarding any new capital projects in Normandy Park. Thanks for reading…whew !

Recap of city council 1-12-2021

Welcome to 2021 for what it is worth. Let’s start with a quick review of our first city council meeting of the year. It started with some routine resolutions .

#964 was directing the Planning Commission to address the issues of codes for rooftop appurtenances , ( love those big words), like rooftop gardens etc.

Then there was Title 19 code compliance language to clean up.

#1015 The mandatory Enhanced Service Facility , (ESF), resolution was passed. This is a complex subject but in a nut shell the State is telling us that if they want to open a modified rehab drug/alcohol/ psychiatric living facility in Normandy Park – that we can’t stop them. The state does this more and more these days….just like 5G – But that’s another story.

We moved on to New Business:

First was the new city hall, police dept. and recreation bldg. design by Millar-Hull. This has been pushed by the city manager and a couple council members for sometime now before I came into office in 2020. They called for a workshop next week 2-26-21. I oppose even talking about this $8-$40+ million project until AFTER we have paid off our final city debts in December 2023. The mayor said well she is calling the meeting anyway for next week. I objected that the council had to vote on that. She insisted she had the right to make that decision. Finally the city council legal attorney informed her that indeed the NPMC 2.02.100 law states that the council as a whole had to vote on holding the workshop. The vote was taken and I lost 5-1 with one council member absent. More on the Miller Hall project in the near future after next weeks “workshop”.

Next was a review of the brochure to hire someone to replace the city manager ideally next April. After a short discussion that was approved.

Then lastly we continued with a previous measure from last month that council members said they needed more time to read up on , based on the Great Barrington Declaration. (Please look it up and read it…it’s short ). In short it states that business and school lockdowns are not based on either evidence based science or medical data. They call for stopping the lockdowns and to focus only on those increased risk people -like elderly citizens and those with high comorbidity eg, diabetes. I even gave each council member last week , a well received short book ,(written by Alex Berenson a former New York Times writer), called :Unreported Truths about Covid-19 and Lockdowns. His data and references are all from well known sources like the CDC and WHO. The motion called for the Governor to end the lockdowns now.

The city general manager tried to paint the Great Barrington Declaration as a Libertarian plot of some sort! I pointed out that it was signed by over 12,000 eminent epidemiologists,virologists, geneticists and Nobel Prize winners from around the world who explicitly state they come from diverse political and cultural backgrounds. Who knew there were thousands of eminent high level scientists around the world in some sort of secret Libertarian cabal lol, lol ! Do we need James Bond anyone?

The vote? There was none because I could not get a second! Say what? A simple motion to help save our small businesses can’t even get a second to vote on the motion? The other council members had not one objection or question. So it failed. I asked the council members would they explain why they voted as they did , just some sort of reason . The only response I got was literally…the motion failed we don’t have to respond!

So what to make of that? Are they SOOO terrified of the Governor they dare not speak out? Is the political machine so powerful that one cannot speak out in King County? Perhaps the answer comes from one of the council members who told me privately she supported my motion …but was afraid to vote for it because others did not ! That’s leadership .?