Recap of city council 1-12-2021

Welcome to 2021 for what it is worth. Let’s start with a quick review of our first city council meeting of the year. It started with some routine resolutions .

#964 was directing the Planning Commission to address the issues of codes for rooftop appurtenances , ( love those big words), like rooftop gardens etc.

Then there was Title 19 code compliance language to clean up.

#1015 The mandatory Enhanced Service Facility , (ESF), resolution was passed. This is a complex subject but in a nut shell the State is telling us that if they want to open a modified rehab drug/alcohol/ psychiatric living facility in Normandy Park – that we can’t stop them. The state does this more and more these days….just like 5G – But that’s another story.

We moved on to New Business:

First was the new city hall, police dept. and recreation bldg. design by Millar-Hull. This has been pushed by the city manager and a couple council members for sometime now before I came into office in 2020. They called for a workshop next week 2-26-21. I oppose even talking about this $8-$40+ million project until AFTER we have paid off our final city debts in December 2023. The mayor said well she is calling the meeting anyway for next week. I objected that the council had to vote on that. She insisted she had the right to make that decision. Finally the city council legal attorney informed her that indeed the NPMC 2.02.100 law states that the council as a whole had to vote on holding the workshop. The vote was taken and I lost 5-1 with one council member absent. More on the Miller Hall project in the near future after next weeks “workshop”.

Next was a review of the brochure to hire someone to replace the city manager ideally next April. After a short discussion that was approved.

Then lastly we continued with a previous measure from last month that council members said they needed more time to read up on , based on the Great Barrington Declaration. (Please look it up and read it…it’s short ). In short it states that business and school lockdowns are not based on either evidence based science or medical data. They call for stopping the lockdowns and to focus only on those increased risk people -like elderly citizens and those with high comorbidity eg, diabetes. I even gave each council member last week , a well received short book ,(written by Alex Berenson a former New York Times writer), called :Unreported Truths about Covid-19 and Lockdowns. His data and references are all from well known sources like the CDC and WHO. The motion called for the Governor to end the lockdowns now.

The city general manager tried to paint the Great Barrington Declaration as a Libertarian plot of some sort! I pointed out that it was signed by over 12,000 eminent epidemiologists,virologists, geneticists and Nobel Prize winners from around the world who explicitly state they come from diverse political and cultural backgrounds. Who knew there were thousands of eminent high level scientists around the world in some sort of secret Libertarian cabal lol, lol ! Do we need James Bond anyone?

The vote? There was none because I could not get a second! Say what? A simple motion to help save our small businesses can’t even get a second to vote on the motion? The other council members had not one objection or question. So it failed. I asked the council members would they explain why they voted as they did , just some sort of reason . The only response I got was literally…the motion failed we don’t have to respond!

So what to make of that? Are they SOOO terrified of the Governor they dare not speak out? Is the political machine so powerful that one cannot speak out in King County? Perhaps the answer comes from one of the council members who told me privately she supported my motion …but was afraid to vote for it because others did not ! That’s leadership .?