3-9-2021 City Council Recap

The city council meeting was largely a routine voting to approve a short consent agenda. It included ordinances regarding peddlers and people who incessantly call the 911 dispatch over and over to the point that legitimate 911 calls are hindered. The city did not have any laws or regulations on the books for these issues. It is a sign of the times that we need such laws now.

Then there was public comment and most of the evening was spent listening to a petition that was signed by over 200 people demanding to keep the recreation center. It was initiated by a Taekwondo teacher who has had nearly free rent of city rec facilities for years. The meeting concluded … and then…

The mayor and I arraigned to meet him and his supporter for coffee. The mayor was glad I came because the man is a classic bully and she felt somewhat intimidated. He immediately made several untrue confrontational accusations ,which we denied , and then demanded what we were going to do about it?

Be that as it may, I told him I had called a few people people who had signed the petition. I asked them :

  1. Did The martial arts teacher tell you that the city had had a structural engineering safety analysis done and they found the building is very unsafe and dangerous ? They said no he hadn’t mentioned that.
  2. Did he tell you engineering had determined it would cost over $ 1.5 million just to repair the facility so it could be used for a few more years and that even then only approximately 65 % of the building could be used during that limited time period ? They said No.
  3. Did he tell you I had asked the cities legal council during a public meeting if parents could legally sign a paper to wave their liability rights to sue the city if an earthquake or other catastrophic accident happened and that counsel had absolutely not ? They said No .
  4. This business man instructor also said the city had no plan at all to replace the rec center in the future. That was an obvious lie as the city just finished paying. $ 160,000 for an architectural design for a potential city hall complex that included a potential recreation center.
  5. When confronted with this I asked him if he had listened to any city council meetings over the last four months? He said “NO”! So he mislead a couple hundred people to sign a petition , in order to try to force the city council to reverse course immediately , disregard the law and SAFETY of children and adults , so as to protect his honey pot money stream. He also ignored the fact that the city spends $60,000- 90,000 dollars a year just to maintain a building we cannot safely use, money we could be saving. All the while he was presenting the city council as callous , thoughtless bureaucrats.
  6. After being presented with this information he suddenly shoved his chair back ,stood up, bent over the coffee table and got in the mayors face and glowered down at her and raised his voice to her. At this point I had had enough of his bully boy intimidation tactics against the mayor and I told him he was welcome to leave! His supporter told him to calm down and sit down at which point he complied and he never looked at me again during the meeting.
  7. At the end of the meeting I made a point of shaking hands with him and said thanks for coming today. Oddly enough he did not offer me the same courtesy.

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