Protecting Normandy Park by Engaging the World.

( N.P. To Do List )

ART : 1. Design manhole covers with geocaching capability .

2.Resident Artist for Sister City. -(refurbish the city owned Heath Property on Marine View Drive bluff ).

3. Place Frank Lloyd Wright House historical marker.

4. Adopt city color, bird, insect ( and possibly invasive weed .

5. Asian style foot wash viewing Pavilion at Marine View Park.

6. Nature Trail instillation of Bronze Busts of eminent ecologists and Native American Totem Pole

Police Department:

  1. Increase non- lethal weapons: Bolo Wrap and tear gas.
  2. Explore hiring a crisis intervention specialist/ social worker / psychologist to accompany police on homeless calls. Done jointly with Burien and Des Moines.
  3. New Tesla Police Cars to decrease Carbon imprint and increase NPPD moral and Branding.
  4. 24 hour cameras for key city entrance / exit points


1.Term Limits ( x2 ) for all city council members

2. Enact regulation to forbid any city contract for council members and their close family members , or staff until after 5 years of leaving office.

Parks and Recreation & MPD:

  1. Increase speed of removal of invasive weeds from the parks which still have them per the Pros plan.
  2. Separate the Metropolitan Parks District ( MPD ), from the city council. Make the MPD an elected position to :
  3. a. Encourage citizens who have more time and energy to be involved with P & R .
    1. b. Keep city hall from being tempted to use MPD tax $$$ for other purposes.
  4. Support Piano Keys parcel acquisition for Water Trails Parks project.
  5. Add Hidden Valley parcels (through grants ), to Water Trails Park project
  6. Solicit architectural students with cash prizes to participate in designs for these projects.
  7. Increase joint endeavors between Parks and Arts Commission.

Community Development:

  1. promote universal IT hook up to implementDirect Democracy in Normandy Park . Controversial issues could be voted on by the entire public if every legal residence was guaranteed hooked up to city hall.
    1. A. This is also a public safety measure for catastrophic events.
    2. Guaranteed hook up can also give parents the choice to either have there kids attend school in person or do hybrid schooling or home schooling. It’s win / win for all parents.
    3. change new building codes to reflect the highest Platium LEED standards. This is excellent Branding for our city and will increase property values and attract high tech start ups to locate here in Normandy Park.
    4. Promote underground parking in new multi family units or condos that may be built up along 1st Ave. This reduces car blight and increases property values.
    5. Remove telephone poles. Yes it cost $$$ but ,the pay back is public safety when heavy storms come and take out power for days
      1. a.It also increases property values and is part of branding.
    6. Hire a part time Enforcement Officer .
    7. Build 8 ft sidewalks on blind uphill curves so bikes don’t have to slow down cars to a crawl or cause them to go around them on a blind curve.
    8. Grid Independence promotion is the big picture here. The more independent we are in all areas from large institutions the better off we are and the better we can confront any calamities. Got time ? Look at the 2021 IECC Zero Code Renewable Energy Appendix . 🙂

That’s It Folks !………………for now ……

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